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Cheers to New Adventures!

Welcome to my first blog post on Rinnavating the Runway! I never thought this would actually happen. I have been going back and forth about starting a blog for years now. We can all admit that it’s scary starting a new task, just like it is starting a new job. I have realized that this is a learning process and I will not know how to improve until I try. I have prayed many nights about this and I truly feel like I am meant to share my passion for fashion and makeup with you! My mom loves interior decorating and she always tells me it’s important to match expensive staple pieces with less expensive furniture. I have always applied that advice to fashion. My goal is to show you that fashion can be affordable and fun! Besides starting a fashion and beauty blog, below are a few more of my 2018 New Years resolutions!

2018 Resolutions:

-Start a blog!

-Go to church more and grow stronger in my faith: I try to go to Church as much as possible, but I know I can make it a priority to go more! If you are in the Charleston area, Seacoast Church is awesome! They have multiple services every Sunday, along with online services and one at 6:15pm in case you decide to sleep in!

-Graduate with my Masters in Business with a focus in Marketing

-Reduce stress: I stress about the smallest things and it is definitely something I have to constantly work on!

-Stay Healthy: Working out is my #1 way to reduce stress!

-learn new recipes: I have a few meal prep recipes I make often (which I will share) but besides that I have a lot of improving in the kitchen I can do!

-Get involved in the community: I look forward to getting involved in multiple organizations throughout the year! I will share these with you!

-Spend more time in nature: We all hate to admit that we are constantly on our phones, and becoming a blogger is probably going to make it even worse! I made this a resolution, because I need to hold myself accountable to put technology aside and head outside!

-Open up 2 more Popeyes in Charleston! These two stores will be the first ones I see being built from the ground up. I am excited to see the whole construction process along with marketing the new locations!

-Smile more: you never know how much a smile can affect those around you!

It will be fun to look back on these resolutions now that they are in writing! I'm excited to finally bring this new idea of starting a blog to life. Thanks for all of the support and I hope y’all have an awesome 2018!


Alex Rinna

How cute is this top from Revolve? I have recently been obsessed with this mauve color. I will definitely be wearing this sweater multiple times this winter! Not only, does the off the shoulder look give it a flirty vibe, but it is also super comfortable!

Outfit Details

Top: Revolve

Shoes: Sold out

Similar ones here-

Purse: Louis Vuitton


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