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Treat Yourself

Top: Goodnight Macaroon / Jeans: Express

Shoes: Nordstrom / Purse: Gucci

Pictures by: Kailee Dimeglio

Hey y'all, so I wanted to talk about my first big splurge! Yes, the Gucci purse. Some people think I am crazy for spending this much on a purse, but I have been wanting it for over a year! Last year I told myself I was going to buy it for my birthday, but I just couldn't bite the bullet. A few weeks ago I was in London and some girls from my class and myself went to Harrods (the best department store in the world) and that is when I saw it! A bright shiny red Gucci bag! I picked it up and tried it on and I instantly fell more in love. I knew I had to have it. I have been saving up and with the taxes it was actually cheaper in London, BONUS! Also, red has always been one of my favorite colors, so I was torn between a red or black purse! I loved the red purse and I feel like it's a color that can be worn year round! When you don't feel guilty about a purchase, you know you made the right decision LOL!

Bottom line, I feel like everyone should treat theirselves every once in a while! My birthday is next Sunday, January 28th, so I am a year behind when I said I was going to buy it, but I officially own my first Gucci purse!

It is my first week of my second semester of Grad School and I am already packed with homework! What ever happened to syllabus week? Those days are long gone! I have found that blogging actually calms me down and releases some stress! I enjoy giving fashion advice, and I can't wait to continue!


Alex Rinna

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