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Work Smart. Dress Well.

Top: Boohoo (Only $11) / Bottoms: ASOS

Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Purse: Celine

Picture by: Kailee DiMeglio

Hey y'all, I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Today I wanted to talk about my favorite stores to buy business casual and business professional clothes. If you are like me, you aren't the biggest fan of business professional outfits. I have never loved black dress pants or a pant suit, because I feel like it's not flattering on my body. I tend to stick with high waisted pants, skirts or dresses. Also, I only have to dress up if I have an important meeting or a presentation for school, so I don't like to spend a large amount of money.


How cute are these red pants? Guess what?! They are only $24! One of the many reasons why I love ASOS! They also have a petite section. I am only 5 feet tall, so their pants fit me perfectly. ASOS has a whole section of "workwear", so I linked a few of my favorites below!

Pants: Petite

Option 1

Option 2

Pants: Regular

Option 1

Option 2 (This pink color is perfect for spring and summer!)


Option 1

Option 2


Option 1 (Petite)

Option 2

Option 3 (I'm obsessed with this skirt and the colors!)

Option 4 (Petite)

Option 5


I have bought so many skirts, blouses, and dresses from H&M. I usually buy them in the store and it can be a hit or miss, but one time I got a nice work dress for only $12!!


Option 1

Option 2 (Only $9.99)

Option 3 (This would look super cute with red heels)


Option 1 (I love the details around the collar)

Option 2


Option 1 (I need this skirt!)


Some items are more expensive, but I love Express because they always have great deals. Express also has a work tab on their website filled with everything you would need!


Option 1 (more expensive, but I am obsessed with red!)


Option 1


Last but not least, my ultimate go to store is Target! They carry a brand called Who What Wear,

which you can find in store or online. This brand is PERFECT for work clothes and extremely affordable!


Option 1

Option 2 (These sleeves are too cute!)

Option 3 (This is perfect for spring)

Option 4 (I love the bows on the sleeves!)

Option 5 (Would look super cute tucked into a skirt)

I hope I helped you find some affordable and chic work clothes!

I know we all work hard, so we deserve to dress cute!

"Empowered Women, Empower Women"- Lets go out and kick this week's butt!


Alex Rinna

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