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It's Spring Break

Shorts: Red Dress Boutique / Top: Shein (Only $10!) /

Earrings: Similar Here / Purse: Gucci

Hey y'all, WOW this week has been stressful and it's only Tuesday! I haven't posted on Instagram in 3 days, which is against fashion blogger rules (LOL). I told myself when I started blogging, I would never let it stress me out, so sorry everyone, school and my health come first! It is my last week before SPRING BREAK (thank goodness), but I feel like the teachers like to stress you out before you can go relax. Also, I just realized some school's spring break has already started, but I still wanted to make sure I did a blog post on some spring break essentials, including clothes and accessories! The shorts I am wearing above would be PERFECT for the beach! I love the colors and I am always a fan of high-waisted shorts. They are from Red Dress Boutique, which I have been loving lately. I will make sure to link a few items I am wanting to buy from there below! Also, this top is only $10!! I have already worn is multiple times, because it's so easy to tuck in and it matches everything!

I have categorized all the links below, so just scroll through, click on a picture you like, and it will bring you directly to the website!

Below are some clothes I would definitely bring on my spring break! My FAVORITE is this maxi dress, because I am obsessed with the ombre colors! I would buy it today, but I am so short I think I would have to cut most of the color off the bottom! If you're taller, PLEASE purchase this, because it's beautiful!

Below are some swimwear and coverups. My favorite is the bright pink one piece swimsuit! Is anyone else loving one pieces lately?!

I want to buy all of these accessories! The tassel earrings come in 11 different colors! Also, I love the square bamboo bag!

I wasn't planning on posting any towels, but I just kept seeing the cutest ones!! The pineapple towel is adorable!

Jared and I are going to Savannah for spring break. I haven't been since I was in 8th grade! I heard it is a mini Charleston, so I am sure I will have a blast! Funny thing is, I ordered spring break clothes, thinking it was going to be warm, and now the temperature is only going to be in the 60s! I hope everyone has a great week and have a fun and safe spring break!


Alex Rinna

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