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Charleston Animal Society

Hey y'all, a few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to visit the Charleston Animal Society (CAS)! If you know me, then you know I LOVE animals, especially dogs. I am such a dog person, but mainly because I am allergic to cats! Before visiting the society, I had to mentally prepare myself, because I knew I would want to take all of the animals home with me!

I want to talk about my experience, because it is not what I expected! First off, I went to an animal shelter back in college, and it wasn't the best experience. The inside of the building was gloomy. All the cats were in one small room, and all the dogs were fenced in outside. I just had this depressing visual in my head going into this, because of that experience. CAS was a COMPLETELY different experience. You walk in, and the staff is so welcoming, which makes you feel good, because you know the animals are in good hands. Also, the inside is so bright and colorful! The cats each have their own personal space. They have a huge room where they can play and it's filled with cat toys! The dogs are inside in this huge room (it's actually called the VIP lounge), and they each get their own personal space and big bed! Every single animal was so cute! I couldn't take it! My heart strings were definitely being pulled! At CAS, not only are they a no kill shelter, they have an extremely high adoption rate! The two poodles above, who were brother and sister, got adopted last week! Teddy, the puppy in the last picture, just had surgery, so he kept falling asleep in my arms. How adorable?!! They also have this huge outside play area where the dogs can run around, so I got to play with a dog named Nala. Her eyes just lit up! If you are in the Charleston area, and you are not ready to adopt a dog or cat, you can visit the shelter to volunteer! All animals love the affection and you can make their day!

CAS recently launched a clothing line and online store. It ranges from shirts, bags, hats, leashes/collars, and even koozies! The shirts are so comfy and soft! All of the items are cute and the BEST part is every retail purchase that is made, EVERY PENNY goes directly back to the shelter! This money helps support the shelter and helps save even more lives! Dogs and wine make everything fine! I couldn't agree more, which is why this shirt is my favorite! They also have a "I just want to drink wine and rescue cats" shirt for all of the cat lovers! Also, these cat and dog socks are adorable!! For all of the UGA fans (Go DAWGS), they have a UGA collar and leash!

If you would rather donate money, click HERE! You can also purchase a 2018 firefighter calendar! Trust me ladies, you will love this (wink wink)!!

Please, please, please consider purchasing any items from the online store, or from your local shelter! Every penny helps and together we can save so many furry friends! Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend!


Alex Rinna

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