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HydraFacial Review

Hey y'all, so I wanted to do a review on my first HydraFacial! To be honest, I have never had horrible skin (thank you mom for those genes), but I think everyone should constantly take care of their skin. No one wants wrinkles!! One main issue I have always dealt with is my skin gets SO dry! I kept hearing about the HydraFacial, mainly through social media and all of the housewives get it done. Yes, I am talking about the BRAVO show LOL. Anyways, I recently came across The Spa at West Ashley Wellness on Instagram and noticed they have posted about the HydraFacial! I just got it done last week and was AMAZING!

First off, The Spa at West Ashley Wellness was not only adorable on the inside, but also the owner, Jessica White, was so sweet! I felt so welcomed! There were some nerves, because I had no idea what to expect, but they talked me through each step! My skin was glowing after! I kept touching my face after (which i'm sure you aren't suppose to do) because it was so soft and hydrated!

A few main questions I have received:

1. What is a HydraFacial? A HydraFacial is a hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, extraction, and hydration, resulting in clearer more beautiful skin!

2.What is the down time? There is little-to-no downtime and the treatment is generally non-irritating. My skin wasn't red at all after the facial, just smooth and shiny! They did say this could vary depending on your skin type.

3. Is it worth the money? Yes, it is a splurge...but so worth it! I promise!

4. Does the treatment hurt? Not at all!! It's just like a little suction, so it feels like someone is blowing air on you.

5. What other services do they offer? The Spa offers a variety of services including:

PRP SkinPen Facials: helps stimulate collagen

Intense Pulsed Light: treats rosacea and eliminates sun damage

Clear and Brilliant: a laser resurfacing treatment

Laser Genesis: produces new collagen

Chemical peels

Laser Hair Removal


Eyelash Extensions

Medical Weight Loss and Laser Lipo Light

6. What is The Spa's contact info: I have linked there website HERE. Call to schedule an appointment today! 843-225-9810 and make sure to follow them on Instagram for updates and results!

I plan to do way more blog regarding skin care and my favorite beauty products so make sure to subscribe or follow me on Instagram (@rinnavatingtherunway) to stay updated!


Alex Rinna

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