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Sephora: Beauty Insider

Hey Y'all, I wanted to inform you about the current sale at Sephora!! This sale is from TODAY, April 20th - Monday, April 23rd ONLINE and IN STORES. You will receive different discounts depending on your Sephora loyalty status. It takes 2 seconds to become an Beauty Insider, so make sure you sign up to at least get your 10% off discount! Makeup is expensive, so take advantage of this you can tell from all of the products, I definitely had a little too much fun today!

Beauty Insider: 10% OFF, use code YAYINSIDER

VIB: 15% OFF, use code YAYVIB

Rouge: 15% OFF, use code YAYROUGE

Also, I worked on this post for almost 2 hours and then the whole post got erased (thanks, so unfortunately this post isn't as detailed as the last one, because I have other things I need to get done lol! Bottom line, if you have any questions about any of the products below, just ask! I would love to give you any advice or beauty tips I can offer!

Just click on each underlined title and it will bring you directly to the site!

If you get anything from this sale, this is this one product you must purchase!! I swear by this product. I get a new beauty blender every month, because I wouldn't be able to do my makeup without one. I use it to apply my foundation and concealer. It blends everything out so smoothly to give you that natural looking finish! I got the nude color because most of my makeup is tan anyways, but it also comes in pink and black! You are probably thinking "$20 for a sponge?!!", but I promise it is worth every penny!! It works so much better than applying your foundation with a brush. TIP: wet your beauty blender before applying your makeup! The damp sponge will help smooth out the makeup even more!

I constantly try new foundations, because I have never been able to find that one that I LOVE, but this product I LOVE! This is my second bottle. The first time I got the shade 5.75 Cork, and this time I purchased the shade 8 Golden Neutral. I am going to Costa Rica next week, so I know I will get really tan. This foundation is so lightweight, and leaves you with a natural look, while also giving you full coverage. This is good for dry and oily skin types, and it stays on for 24 hours! It also dries slowly, which is perfect for you to blend it out with a BEAUTYBLENDER!

Ok, if you are obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on Youtube, then you have heard of this product! Every makeup guru uses this blush in the shade Orgasm. It is a beautiful peachy pink with a little shimmer. It would look amazing on any skin tone and is the perfect shade for the summer!

This is a retractable eye brow pencil. If you know, me then you know I am obsessed with filling in my brows! I do not go a day without doing this. When asked "if you were allowed only one makeup product, what would it be?"....most people pick mascara or foundation....I am like "give me ANYTHING for my brows!!" It can truly change your face (that kind of sounds weird). ANYWAYS, I have been dying to try out a brow pencil. I usually use a brow dip or powder. This is the product most makeup artist use because it is easy to create small strokes for a natural looking brow. Mine is in the shade Auburn.

This is my second time purchasing this product! I am OBSESSED. Most people are moving away from hairspray to a texturizing spray because it gives your hair so much volume. Well this product is basically dry shampoo and hairspray all in one bottle!! This one is only $12 because it is the mini travel size since I take it everywhere! OUAI is Jen Atkins brand, so you know it is amazing! She is the hair stylist for all of the Kardashians and have you ever seen their hair not looking fabulous?!

This matte palette features 6 gorgeous neutral shades! I wear neutral shades every day! This is also the travel size because I never like bringing my big eyeshadow palettes on trips (mainly because I have no more room in my suitcase LOL).

These lipsticks apply a full-coverage and leave a semi-matte finish. I ALWAYS wear a nude lip! I basically own every shade of nude/tan you can possibly think of, so when I saw this shade I snatched it up real quick. I purchased the shade Beige, but there are 10 other shades that all look fabulous!

This was actually my birthday gift from Sephora! It included a SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment mask and the GLOWSTARTER Illuminating Moisturizer. The mud-based, peel-off mask is supposed to leave your skin feeling firmer, tighter, and more lifted! The moisturizer smooths skin, delivers extreme moisture, and gives fatigued skin a sexy glow! I have seen so many people rage about GLAMGLOW products, so I can't wait to try this out!!

I am so excited to finish Grad school, so that I can share more beauty tips and hopefully have a few videos for you on my makeup routines! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Alex Rinna

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