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5 Things I do to Stay Organized

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Hey y'all, it's already Monday, so I thought I would bring to you a little Monday Motivation with 5 things I do to stay organized. I still have 2 weeks left in my last marketing class, I'm working for our family's company, and I am blogging daily, so organization is extremely important. If you have ever worked with me or been in the same class as me, you know I am glued to my calendar. I have always been an organized person and I think it is a strength of mine. Below I mention what works for ME, but hopefully it will help you too!

1. Buy an Agenda/Planner

My new favorite planner is Start Planner: It truly has everything you need to stay organized. They have monthly and weekly calendars. I recently did a giveaway for a midyear planner, which starts in July, so make sure to get your order in! I think planners are the number one way to stay organized. I write down every single thing I need to accomplish or I have planned. This includes meetings, due dates, appointments, reminders, and social activities. I write down daily activities and then I write down a to-do list for the week. Another thing I put on my planner is smaller activities like laundry, grocery shopping, and working out. I just feel like if I write it down on my calendar, it helps me plan when I should complete that activity and holds me accountable.

TIP 1: I color code activities, so highlighters and colorful pens are essential! For example, all marketing activities for work, I highlight in pink and all due dates for school, I highlight in yellow. It just helps it stand out, especially if you have a lot written down for each day.

TIP 2: WITE-OUT... yes you are probably like who uses whit-out anymore?!... ME. If an event gets canceled or a due date/meeting is rescheduled, I wite-out the original date instead of just scratching it out. I feel like marking it out looks messy. I am a visual person, so I would rather see one less thing on my schedule. My classmates make fun of me, but it truly helps me.

2. Write it down

I can't stress this enough. I know people say that they take "mental notes" but most likely you will completely forget about them, or you will be frustrated later that day, because you can't remember what it was. If I even think of the littlest thing, I make sure to write it down.

TIP: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I just remembered something that I need to get done. I have found that keeping a notecard and pen by my bed has helped (or you can use notes in your phone). This just gives me peace of mind and I can easily fall back asleep. I even keep a notecard in my bathroom, because my mind always wanders when I am doing my makeup.

3. finish one task before moving onto the next

I am so guilty of working on one task and then switching over to another because ideas and thoughts are running crazy through my head. I always have to remind myself of the amazing feeling of checking off a task on your to-do list, so sticking to that one task is worth it! LOL

4. Control your time and make priorities:

For me, this is really important. It drives me crazy when I see people working 24/7, 7 days a week. I just think it is important to RELAX for a minute (Again, just my personal opinion). If I don't have some ME time, I get really grumpy or even sick! During my first semester of Grad school, I had hours and hours of homework. No matter how much I had to get done, I made sure I finished it during the week, so that I could have Saturdays FREE. I think it's healthy to have time to relax and be social. Another priority is working out. No matter what, I make sure I work out everyday. This is the time I get to watch my Netflix and Bravo shows! Yes, I watch shows while I run. I promise it helps the time go by faster! Bottom line, set aside time for YOU and make sure to put this time on your schedule.

5. Consistency is KEY:

I think a routine helps me stay organized. For example, every night I do the same routine of getting ready for bed, then I wake up at 6am and go to the gym. Each night I put my workout clothes right beside my bed, so I literally roll out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, and head to the gym. I know that seems early to some people, but I promise you get use to it and then you are so happy you got it out of the way for that day! Another helpful tip, is to make your bed everyday. I started doing this regularly during my first semester, because I always found myself wanting to lay back in bed if it was unmade.


Try to schedule your Instagram post and blog post for the entire month. I use a monthly calendar (Start Planner has a great one!) and I write down what I am going to post each day, including blogs, IG post, Instagram stories, along with try-on sessions. I also look to see what Holidays are in that month, so you can plan for a few weeks ahead to make a gift or outfit guide for that specific day. For example, I am about to post a blog regarding outfits you can wear for 4th of July, so I made sure I planned that for a few weeks before that date, so that people have time to order the clothes. I advice you to write down everything in pencil, because most likely there will be some changes.

TIP: Use the Mosaico app! This app lets you organize your pictures, so you can see how they will look on your page once it is posted. This helps with color coordination or separating similar outfits.

Sorry for the super long post! Lets all start off this week being ORGANIZED and MOTIVATED!


Alex Rinna

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