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ONE Year with Jared

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Picture 2: Bathing Suit Top and Bottom /

Hey y'all, Jared and I have officially been in a relationship for ONE year! You will probably think this post is super cheesy, but I just had to do it! It was a great way to look back on this past year and all the fun times we have had. I am truly such a lucky girl to have a guy that puts a smile on my face every day! He is so thoughtful, smart, funny, goal-driven, and VERY easy on the eyes (LOL).

How we Met:

Weirdly enough, we are both from Atlanta, but we met in Charleston! I was out at the bar with some girl friends (yes, people always say you should never meet your boyfriend at the bar, oops!), and Jared was actually out for a Bachelor Party. I just happened to know some of the guys in the party from Atlanta, so they introduced us. My initial thought was "his teeth are so WHITE"... and of course that he was extremely handsome! Anyways, the conversation was quick because the bachelor party was leaving, so he asked for my number and that is when it all romantic I know HAHA.

First Date:

We both love country music (thank goodness), so we went to a small country concert that is right by my apartment, called Party in the Park. I was SO nervous, but thankfully he was really easy to talk to! Once we got there, we realized they only accepted cash, so we had to wait in the ATM line for 30 minutes! Luckily, Jared is not shy at all, so I remember him just talking and talking and talking while waiting in line....and not just to me. He was making friends with everyone! Trust me, I loved this! I am not a big talker and I was already nervous, so this definitely took some pressure off! It ended up that you couldn't even hear the music, so we just laid out a beach towel and hung out and got to know each other.

Funny Story:

One of the first times we hung out, I was over at his house on a Sunday, and we decided to take his boat out. The tide was already far out, so he had to carry me and his dog, Turner, to the boat. The mud was up to hips! First off, Jared was trying to catch a fish, and the poor kid just couldn't catch anything. I blame it on the fish, but at least he looked good doing it! Then, while we are out in the middle of nowhere, he cranks the motor and the rope breaks! So, we literally thought we were stuck out in the water. Luckily, he had a knife in the fishing bag, so he had to wind up the rope with the knife every time we stopped. At another attempt to catch fish, he tried to cast out a net and on one of his attempts, he fell in the water!! In Charleston, there are oyster beds all over and they are extremely sharp, so Jared comes up from the water with blood on him! People on the dock, were yelling asking if he was ok! I really try not to laugh at the thought of him falling in! After we cruise for a little and start to finally relax, it starts POURING rain. We weren't close to his house, so we had to dock up at this random house. We then had to walk through this random backyard and down the side of the road with all of our stuff in the rain. I wish it was as glamorous as when Noah took Allie out on the boat in The Notebook, but I looked like a hot mess (pictured above...before rain). It was so worth it though, because we seriously laugh about this story all the time!

Opposites Attract:

1. Jared is so outgoing and I am so shy! I definitely open up once you get to know me, but Jared would go up and talk to any stranger. I love this about him!

2. Jared is a picky eater and I will eat about anything you put in front of me. When we eat together, we have spaghetti, Chinese, or Taco Bell....We are obviously working on our beach bods.

3. Jared LOVES the outdoors and I am definitely not as adventurous. I am learning to love it! I have never been against camping or hiking, I just never experienced it.

4. Jared isn't into fashion and I LOVE fashion.....duhhhh. I will tell him how much a purse is (Louis Vuitton, Gucci) and he almost passes out!

5. Jared definitely doesn't sleep as much as me! We are currently trying to get through a TV show and he said it is going to take us a year, because we can't finish one episode before I fall asleep!

So basically, every girl needs to find themselves a Jared, because he is one amazing man! Tonight, we are going to go downtown Charleston to eat dinner and then relax in the hot tub! Cheers to LOVE and cheesy post!


Alex Rinna

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