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Nordstrom Giveaway/Sale

Hey y'all, If you haven't seen my recent post then be sure to check it out, because it includes an amazing GIVEAWAY! You just have to follow the other bloggers that are participating in the giveaway and you get the chance to win a $500 Nordstrom gift card! In honor of the giveaway, I wanted to talk about the famous Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It BLEW UP my Instagram feed, so I am sure y'all are tired of hearing about it! I am not a card holder, but if you are then you can shop the sale July 12th-19th (and you probably already know about the sale duhh). The sale opens up to the public July 20th-August 5th, which is when I will be possibly purchasing a few of the items I mention below.

If you saw my story on Instagram last week then you know how I feel about this "sale". First off, they released a catalog showing pieces that are part of the sale and I personally didn't see anything I loved. Once I saw the sale online, I noticed there were many more pieces that I liked. I narrowed it down to the items that I would honestly buy. I am not one to buy a cardigan that is on "sale" for $100 LOL. A lot of the items to me were just plain basic items that I wouldn't want to spend that much money on. I just laugh because bloggers say "check out my blog, I linked everything under $300"....and I am like ummm can we try under $50...this girl is not blowing all her money on a "SALE". Not talking crap because if you can afford it, then you do you boo! Below, all of the items I picked are $50 and below, so hopefully that is helpful! Just click the picture and it will take you directly to the site!

First, this Free People sweater looks so soft! I love all 6 colors! Whenever I find anything that is Free People under $100 I think it is a great deal. Even though I LOVE all of their clothes, I never buy Free People, because I can't get myself to spend that much money on clothes. This one is on sale for $50, so I think it is definitely worth it! I am probably going to get the red because I love anything red, especially in the fall.

This tie dress is sold out in my size, but I heard they restock. The tie is adjustable and I saw a blogger pull up the fabric to make it shorter, because it definitely looks longer in the picture (for a 5 foot girl like me).

I love both of these colorblock sweaters and they are affordable. I will pair this will jeans and over-the-knee boots for the perfect fall look.

I definitely have a recent love for camo print! These pants can be dressed up with heels or pair with sandals or tennis shoes for a sporty/casual look.

Last thing is this cute ruffle cami. I love the detailing and it can create a great day-to-night look!

UPDATE: The sale just went live today, so basically everything I mentioned above is out of stock. I did want to show what I purchased today (basically the only thing in my size). I have been wanting Spanx leggings for a while now...once I saw the black camo pair I knew it was my time to cave and buy them. It is hard for me to spend over $70 on a pair of leggings, but I heard they are amazing! They are usually over $100, which I would NEVER pay, so I wanted to take advantage of this time. I will keep you updated and share my review once I get them. My mom also got a pair! #Twins

It was actually so hard shopping these fall items, because it is 1 million degrees outside. I start sweating just thinking about putting on a sweater right now! I hope everyone has a great week and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY on Instagram!


Alex Rinna

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