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Amazon Prime Day Sale

Sweater: Amazon ($13 and comes in 18 colors) /

Booties: Amazon (comes in 7 colors) / Blanket: Amazon

Hey y'all, so last week when everyone else was obsessing over the Nordstrom Sale, I went full force into the Amazon Prime Day sale. If you follow me on Instagram you know I have a bad obsession with Amazon. It is so convenient and I feel like you can literally find anything you possibly need. Below I mention some of the cute products I purchased, along with some of my favorite products I have purchased in the past.


First off, I hate buying sweaters that are super expensive. I found these on Amazon and I love them. I wanted to try them on for you, because I know some people feel sketchy ordering clothes off Amazon. I learned if you just read the reviews, then you are usually fine, but I will save you that step! All 3 sweaters are great quality, especially for the low price!

Top 1: This first sweater is going to be perfect in the fall! I ordered a Medium, because I wanted the oversized look. You can see that the sweater is longer, but I just tucked the sweater in my jeans. It is only $10 and comes in 6 colors!

Top 2: I love this off the shoulder top! I would normally not gravitate towards a green color, but I thought the color was so pretty (especially for Christmas time). Again, I ordered a medium for the oversized look. This sweater is $16 and comes in 8 colors!

Top 3: This last top is so cute and comfy! It is the perfect sweater to dress up or down! This top is $13 and comes in 18 colors (mine is the color "orange red"). I will definitely pair this top with yoga pants or leggings for a comfy day time look, or pair it with jeans/shorts with booties for a dressier look. I ordered a size small and it is still long, so again I just tucked it in.


The only reason I was even looking for shoes was because I wanted cowboy boots for the Jason Aldean concert I went to last weekend. Of course I ended up finding 2 pairs I loved and didn't wear either pair (LOL). Even though both pairs are more expensive than I would normally like to pay, I kept them because I knew I would wear them throughout the fall. The first pair of western booties is $40 and comes in 7 colors! I bought the nude pair (pictured above) I love the front metal piece and it really adds a cowgirl vibe to it. I was so happy when I found the 2nd pair. I have been on a search for the perfect pair of "cowboy boots" that wouldn't break my bank. I feel like every pair I own has no heel, so then I just look short and stubby (short girl problems). This pair comes right above the ankle and has a 2.5" heel. It will look so cute with shorts or a dress! They are also super comfy, so you could definitely wear them to a concert. These boots come in 6 colors and I bought the color mocha.


Waste trainers have been all the rage lately. I have been eyeing this specific waste trainer, Sweet Sweat, ever sense I saw Paige Hathaway use it during all of her workouts. She is a famous fitness model/trainer and if you saw her abs, you would immediately buy this HAHA. I am trying it for the first time today. You put the Sweet Sweat gel on your stomach, wrap the waste trainer around you, and then workout! It helps with your circulation and makes you sweat A LOT. I ordered a size small. I have also been wanting resistant bands for when I want to do a quick workout at home. This pack comes with 5 bands from extra light to extra heavy. Next, is the Adidas tank. A ton of girls have been rocking this tank, except it was way above $20! When I found it for $20 on Amazon, I didn't think twice before adding it to my cart. It is great to workout in or if you just want to style a sporty look. It comes in 9 colors, so you can definitely find the perfect tank to match any outfit!


I am obsessed with my new vanity makeup mirror! I got it in rose gold, but it also comes in white. The middle mirror lights up and the side mirrors are magnified. I also ordered my lip liner for the second time. I have been using these lip liners for probably 3 years now. I promise they are better than any high end lip liner and they are so creamy. You get 12 colors for $8. Usually at a drug store, you can only get 2 lip liners for $8, so I highly recommend buying the ones I linked!

Previous Purchases

Below I am linking all of the previous purchases I have bought off of Amazon. They are all great quality products that I have used multiple times, if not daily. Just scroll through the pictures, click the product you like, and it will take you directly to the website! My mom just ordered my favorite clutch in silver and gold and both are beautiful! It is perfect for a wedding!

So you are probably thinking I am crazy for buying so much on Amazon. My dad has a bad obsession too and my mom has always said we are the same exact person!....well she was right! I love all of the products I have mentioned and I explained them more under my amazon highlight on Instagram (videos of each item). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Alex Rinna

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