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Susan Shaw: Statement Jewelry

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Susan Shaw: Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet

Hey y'all, I wanted to share my new favorite jewelry company, Susan Shaw Jewelry. We all know statement jewelry is in this summer....the tassels, thick gold chains, colors...well they have the perfect pieces for this trend! I have been loving the big earrings, especially because I have always felt like with dark hair, it is hard to get earrings that stand out. Also, it might not look like it, but these pictures were so scary to take. Thank goodness my photographer, Kailee, is amazing and captured such a funny moment. It was about to storm really bad, so the tide was super high. The dock felt like it was about to break at any second and kept shaking! Bottom line, me and Kailee were freaking out, but we will basically do just about anything for a good picture (#bloggerproblems).

First off, Susan Shaw Jewelry is a handmade jewelry company based out of San Antonio, TX. This is a family owned business. I love supporting small businesses, especially since my family has their own business!....and they are in the OLE MISS family (Hotty Toddy). Susan Shaw makes all of her original metal pieces from handmade molds. All of the Gold is handcast 24kt Gold Plated in the USA. Their base metals are lead-free and nickel-free, and all done in the USA. They use real cultured pearls, and all real semi-precious stones in the line. Their precious jewelry is currently in about 2,000 gift shops and boutiques in all 50 states, or you can shop on their website!

You can find a wide range of tassel earrings on their website! I am all about the tassels and these earrings are just fabulous! The detail of the gold flower is amazing and the color really makes your outfit POP! I felt like a cotton candy sky, and if it wasn't stormy and cloudy this day I would have perfectly matched the Charleston sunsets! These earrings come in 5 will see me rocking the white and pink pair too!

Here is a closer look at the gorgeous necklace and bracelet! This necklace matches the earrings and comes in 5 colors! I also have this tassel necklace that comes in 9 colors! The bracelet comes with multiple jewels, but I love the aqua. It gives off a nautical vibe! The bracelet also comes in pearls that you can shop here!

They have a new rewards program, where if you sign up for an account (free) and like/follow Susan Shaw Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram, you get $25 off your first order! It is a point system, so if you earn up to 1250 point you can get $200 off your order! They have multiple ways in how you can earn more points! To get started, scroll down on their home page, and you will see a "Instant Rewards" button!

You will be seeing a lot of their jewelry in my upcoming photos, because it is seriously so gorgeous and great quality! Have a great week loves!


Alex Rinna

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