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My Top 4 Petite Fashion Websites

ASOS: 2 piece set Top and Bottom /

Jewelry: Susan Shaw / Sandals: Tory Burch

Pictures By: Kailee Dimeglio

Hey y'all, I haven't posted a blog in a while, so I apologize. The work life is NO joke! I always laugh because people ask me if blogging is the only thing I do. I have a full time job, which is why I have a hard time posting frequently. It just proves you really don't know someone's everyday life by just looking at the tiny square pictures on Instagram. I am trying to be more open on my Instagram stories to show what I really do on a daily basis....because trust me I am not dressed up everyday!

Funny story:

Last night, I went to the movies with some girl friends to see Crazy Rich Asians. It was soooo good!! I was scared it was going to be one of the cheesy Hallmark kind of movies, but it wasn't! Warning, if you do see it, your wedding expectations will go way up (The bride walked down the aisle, which was filled with water and was so over the top but GORGEOUS). Anyways, I went to buy my ticket, and the employee ask "do you have any ID on you?" and I said "Oh, is it rated R?". I looked up, and NOPE it was PG13.........He thought I wasn't even 13!!! He did apologize and you can tell he was embarrassed. Last week, I was grocery shopping and the guy asked me if I started high school this week. The same grocery store also moved the brown rice I get every week from the top to the bottom shelf HAHA. I get at least one comment about my age/height every week. I am use to these comments, and have learned to just laugh it off (I am still working on this...because sometimes I get really annoyed). I know I know "You will love this when you get older"....I have never heard that before *wink wink*.

Anyways, when starting my blog, I decided I wanted to target petite girls. I am only 5'1" so finding pants short enough is a major struggle! I already know if I buy a maxi dress, formal dress, or pants, I will have to get the hemmed. It's a pain to have to go through that, and not to mention adds to the cost of the outfit! This is why I started finding websites with a petite section, which has really helped!

Below I am sharing my top 4 favorite petite websites. I focused mainly on jumpsuits, pants, skirts, and mid-length dresses. Just click the arrow to scroll through the outfits I have selected, click the outfit you like, and it will take you directly to the site!


The 2 piece set pictures above is one of my favorite purchases! The pants were the perfect length where I could wear sandals or heals! I have NEVER found a pair of pants where I could wear sandals and they were flooding on the ground LOL.

Pretty Little Thing:

PLT always has the cutest jumpsuits and pant sets!


Super affordable clothes!! They also have a tall and plus size section!


Joggers are very on trend right now, but for petite girls they are hard to find! If the elastic at the bottom doesn't hit your ankle just right then it looks a little weird. These joggers are meant for girls 5'3" and under so they should be short enough!

I hope this helps all my fellow shorties out there! I will be posting another petite fashion blog soon mainly focusing on winter clothes! I always have a hard time finding sweaters that aren't too long or trench coats that don't go down to my ankles lol.

Have a wonderful and productive week!


Alex Rinna

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