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Fitness Fanatic Gift Guide

Hey y'all, It's getting down to crunch time where we are trying to find the perfect gift for our friends and family! This gift guide is for that person who loves being active and going to the gym! A few items I mention are top on my list this year! You can just click any of the pictures above OR click the items in pink below.

Adidas Tank Top: This is my go-to workout top! It is so light weight and flowy! I also love that you can pair with Lulu leggings for a sporty daytime look. Cute workout clothes are so in right now and I have been loving the brand, JoyLab, at Target! I am linking some looks below!

Adidas Hat: I love a good workout hat! This is perfect for that crazy hair day! Sometimes I don't have time to shower directly after the gym, so just throw on a stylish hat and you are good to go! This hat comes in 4 colors, but of course I love the pink!

Yoga Mat: This mat comes in 7 fun colors! If you have ever tried hot yoga, then you know your own mat is necessary because the amount of sweat is insane! They are not joking when they say it is HOT.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones: The #1 item on my Christmas list this year! I love wearing regular earbuds while I run, but I have been wanting wireless headphones for when I am lifting weights so that the cables don't get in my way. These headphones are pricey, but I heard they are worth it! They also buffer any outside noise, so you won't have to worry about those people who like to turn their music on MAX where you can hear every word (One of my pet peeves LOL). They come in 13 colors. The rose gold is my favorite!

Monogrammed Shaker: If you watch my stories then you know a pre-workout is necessary to get me through my workout. Just FYI, I use NLA For Her, which I will link HERE. You just mix it with water in a shaker, and it will give you that extra burst of energy to make you feel like you can run miles. Anyways, I saw this monogrammed shaker and thought it was too cute!

Nike Tennis Shoes: My 2nd item on my Christmas list! I ask for tennis shoes each year, because I run almost every day so it is important to get new ones. I usually stick to Nike, because they have really good running shoes! The shoes I want are currently on sale for $75! I love the mauve color, but they are also available in 2 other colors.

Workout bag: This bag is perfect if you are the person who has to go straight to work after the gym. This bag is a great size and it comes in 17 colors!!

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer: Ok, this is my FAVORITE workout product. It is a workout band that basically makes you sweat and slim your waist. First you rub the Sweet Sweat gel on your stomach (linked HERE), wrap the band around you, and go on a run (or any other cardio). When you take off the band, your stomach is dripping sweat....yes kind of gross but I have seen a huge difference in my stomach. It is more toned and flat.... so I will sacrifice a little sweat for a flat tummy!


Alex Rinna

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