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Beauty Queen Gift Guide

Pj Set (Only $15 and available in 6 colors) / Slippers (On SALE for $20)

Hey y'all, I hope you are having a great week! You are probably like "Alex, 2 blog post in ONE week?!".....Yepp! I'm shocked too HAHA! But really I am trying to help with your shopping needs and get my gift guides out to you ASAP! This specific gift guide is one of my favorites and is perfect for the makeup guru in your life! I am sure I could have filled up my gift guide collage with a million makeup and beauty products, but I tried to break it down to my favorite products I currently use, along with products on my Christmas list!

You can shop my products four ways:

1. Click the item in the collage above.

2. Click any word highlighted in PINK below.

3. Download the app and follow me (rinnavatingtherunway).

4. Message me on Facebook/Instagram for a link to a specific product and I will send it right over...or you can text me if you have my number!

Face Mask

Whether you like to apply face mask just for fun on a girls night or on a regular basis, a face mask is always a great gift! The Sephora Collection face mask is a perfect stocking stuffer and allows you to try multiple different mask. This set comes with 6 mask that each have a different scent and targets a specific skin concern from dryness to uneven skin tone. You can also go the more expensive route with the Glamglow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment mask. I actually received a few samples of Glamglow masks in my Ipsy makeup subscription and I ended up loving each one! You truly can't go wrong with any of their mask, but the firming mask was my favorite. This mask helps your skin feel tight, lifted, and leaves you with a beautiful complexion.

Everyone needs a good makeup brush set. I promise a good makeup brush makes a HUGEEE (Donald Trump voice) difference. I asked for this set last year, because I kept seeing youtube makeup gurus using Morphe brushes and it definitely didn't disappoint. This set includes 5 brushes: deluxe angle brush, pro flat buffer brush, deluxe highlight fan brush, deluxe pointed contour brush, precision pointed powder brush, and a cute gold makeup bag. I am in SHOCK this set is only $25....such a steal!

Ok, so you are probably like $200?!!....NO Thank You....but let me just tell you, this little funny looking device works wonders! My mom and myself have it and every time we use it we talk about how soft our face feels! This brush is electric and the vibrations help deep clean your face and leaves your skin feeling brighter and tighter! If you don't want to spend that much, I found one HERE for $18. I have a highlight on my Instagram showing how I use my facial cleansing brush.

I have been seeing a ton of ads on Facebook for Flawless by Finishing Touch products, so when I saw one at Bed Bath and Beyond, I thought I would try it out. They have multiple products targeted for different hair removals. I chose the eyebrow hair remover, and I am in LOVE. When you turn it on the vibration is so powerful, so I thought it was going to hurt. You don't feel a thing and it's like POOF your hair is gone. I will say it doesn't get the teeny tiny eyebrow hairs that are super short that you usually have to pluck with tweezers. It's also the perfect travel size and a great stocking stuffer! I highly recommend!

If I had to pick my top 3 favorite beauty necessities, a beauty blender would make the cut! You have probably seen a similar sponge at CVS, Target, or Amazon, but I promise the Beauty Blender brand is a game changer. I love the way it blends your foundation and concealer and leaves you with a flawless finish! This is the perfect gift set and includes FOUR beauty blenders and FOUR cleansers. A single beauty blender cost $20, so this is a great deal for $65. I purchase a new beauty blender each month, so you know this gift set was at the top of my Christmas list! If you want to try a single beauty blender first, I am linking it HERE.

If you can't tell, I had no idea what to call this neat device LOL. This is something else I have asked for this year. I really want to try this out, because I HATE cleaning my makeup brushes. It is so time consuming when you have to clean each individual brush by hand....I also use a ton of brushes. This device cleans 12 brushes at once! *Insert praise hands emoji* and the brushes go through a wash cycle and 3 rinse cycles to leave your makeup brush looking brand new!

My brother got me this last year and I LOVED it! Good Job Kyle! If you can't decide on one perfume to ask for, then this is the perfect gift. You get 15 samples and a certificate for a FREE FULL SIZE perfume of whichever sample you liked the best. I also love this gift because the small samples are the perfect size to travel with and easily fit in any purse! I still have to go through a few samples before I pick my favorite!

I have been wanting this eyeshadow palette for a while now. It is the perfect mix of nude and fun shades and includes mattes and shimmers. Every makeup artist that I have seen talk about this palette raves about how the shades are highly pigmented and super blendable.

This was at the very top of my list and the first thing I asked for this year! I have had my eye on this wand for a while, especially because the one I have now is about to bite the dust. This set includes a wand base and 3 wands that create beach waves, full-bodied waves, and perfectly spiraled curls! I am SO excited to try this out and I will make sure to show an updated hair tutorial ASAP!

A few more gift guides will be heading your way soon, so please make sure to check back on my blog, so you don't miss out! I have already uploaded my Fitness Fanatic Gift Guide and you can read that blog HERE. I hope I am making Christmas shopping a little less stressful for everyone!


Alex Rinna

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