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Holiday Party Attire

Dress (available in green, black, and navy) / Heels (7 colors and SO comfy)

Hey y'all, can you believe we are in single digits until Christmas? Hopefully you have all of your shopping done! I just finished wrapping presents, which I find myself getting better at each year (I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it). I am sure your schedule is filled up with Holiday parties and New Year celebrations, so I am rounding up my favorite dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts that will help you shine. Be prepared for a lot of red, rainbow, and sequins!! Yes, I am one of those girls who goes all out for New Years Eve!

This year a big group rented a cabin in Asheville for New Years! I am praying it snows because we all know the chances it will snow in Charleston or Georgia are slim. I am looking forward to a cozy cabin weekend with friends! Fun Fact (might be TMI): I have never had a New Years kiss!!!....Last year was my first NYE with a boyfriend and of course I was across the world in London for school. Luckily, this year Jared and I will be together, so lets all pray I put an end to this fun fact haha.

Just scroll through the outfits, click the one you like,

and it will take you directly to the website to shop!

Holiday Dresses

Rainbow Sequins


Also, a little note: In my last blog post I wrote that I would be creating more gift guides.....well that didn't happen LOL. We just opened up a new Popeyes (#13 and counting), so my last week consisted of frying chicken and no time to shop online. Therefore, I made a new tab on my website called "Christmas Gift Guide". I will continuously add to this as I find items that I think you will love in case there are any last minute shoppers out there! Have a wonderful Holiday season and enjoy time with your loved ones!


Alex Rinna

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