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Amazon Fashion Finds

Sweater Dress (Available in 6 colors, $34) / Belt (2 belts for $11)

Purse is Celine / Boots

Hey loves, we all know I have a bad obsession with Amazon. I have previous Amazon blog post, but I wanted to focus just on my amazing fashion finds! When people ask me where I bought my clothes and my answer is "Amazon", everyone is so surprised! I will admit, I have purchased some items and it was a complete FAIL. This is why you have to read the reviews and ratings. Most people will post pictures of their products on the website, so you can get a better idea about sizing and quality. The clothes below are all items I have purchased and loved! Everything is on Amazon PRIME, so you will receive it in just a few days!

Clothes (Tops):

This top is only $19 and I have already worn is multiple times! So many people loved this top when I posted it and I love to pair it with denim shorts for a casual look.

This top comes in 16 colors and is my go-to top that I just throw on with leggings.

My leopard cardigan received so many compliments and it's great quality (available in 8 colors).

Clothes: (Dresses/Jumpsuits):

This is my favorite sweater dress for the colder nights and is available in 5 colors!

I recently ordered this fun dress to wear as a bathing suit cover up. I loved the dress, but it was a little too long on me (I am only 5'1"). It comes in so many beautiful shades and designs, so if you're taller than me (which you probably are LOL), then I would definitely check it out!


I think these bow heels are adorable and would be perfect for a wedding. They are only $32! I have them in red, but I am really thinking about getting the pink for spring/summer. These black studded booties are Chloe dupes ($1,380), but these are only $76!...I like that price WAY better.

Active Wear:

My favorite Adidas workout tank and it comes in 11 colors! I have the black and white so far, but I will definitely be buying more fun colors soon!

I also found three tanks for only $20 and they are so light weight and great for running!

Purses: Purchased

I carry this clutch to every special event: weddings, brunch, bridal shower. The clutch comes in 9 colors and is only $25. The flowers add such a gorgeous pop of color!

This bamboo bag was the must-have summer bag last year, and by the looks of recent fashion pictures, this trend is not going anywhere.


I am sure you have heard of the new blue light glasses. We can all admit to laying down at night and looking at our phone for wayyyy longer than expected. These glasses help protect you from the light when you are looking at your phone, tv, or laptop, especially at night! You can shop them HERE.

Again, these are clothes I have personally purchased and loved! Let me know if you need sizing information or want any more details about specific items....or if you want me to try out any clothes on Amazon haha.

Have a great weekend and a great time celebrating St. Patricks Day!


Alex Rinna

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