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What I Eat in a Day

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Hey y'all,

I have not written a blog post in a month! I am SO sorry, but between my work schedule, trips out of town, and a new puppy, life has been CRAZY! Let's jump right into the topic for this post because it's a long one: WHAT I EAT IN A DAY. I have received so many request for this because I post my weekly meal prep recipes on my Instagram (look under the "food" highlight).

I travel every week for work, so it is important I have my meals prepped and ready to eat, so that I don't stop on my 3 hour drive. I always have a snack in my car, because I am in Popeyes every day and it is important I don't go into the restaurant hungry (haha). If you are confused, my family owns 14 Popeyes and I am the Director of Guest Engagement and Marketing for all 14 locations, so I visit the stores each day. If I can get past the temptation of eating fried chicken, french fries, and biscuits everyday, you can too! Don't worry, when I crave Popeyes or Taco Bell, I allow myself to have it.

Also, the list below is just what I eat Monday through Friday. I LOVE going out to eat, so during the weekend I will usually eat out and I don't hold back. You will never see me order a salad for my entree at a nice restaurant. I LOVE steak, pasta, bread, tacos, seafood, cheese boards....I will also try anything you put in front on me. I am not picky at all, which is another reason why I have to meal prep to hold myself back from eating anything I want.

Before I provide my eating schedule, I want to explain that I usually only eat "breakfast" OR "lunch". No, this is not because I don't want to eat 3 times a day. I am just not a big fan of lunch food (sandwiches...I am not even sure what people eat for lunch LOL), but I would rather eat breakfast. Therefore, when I eat breakfast/lunch, it is a large meal. Also, I wake up around 7am to go to the gym. I drink a preworkout (linked HERE), which has B vitamins, so not only does it wake me up, but it also curves my hunger. I usually don't get hungry until 11am, which is when I eat breakfast or lunch. Some people would consider this "fasting", so I guess I am fasting, but I just don't get hungry until around noon because of my preworkout.

Daily Eating Schedule


Wake up: Drink my preworkout (linked HERE), go to the gym, might have a cup of coffee with vanilla collagen creamer (linked HERE).

Vitamins: I take two apple cider vinegar gummies: They are delicious and way better than taking an actual shot of ACV. Linked HERE and use my code alexr5 for 5% off.


Breakfast options:

-Egg white veggie omelet: liquid egg whites, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos. Top with 1/2 avocado and hot sauce. This omelet is LARGE and keeps me full for hours

-Oatmeal: old fashioned oats, mix with water and heat for 1min30sec. Combine with chocolate protein powder (I use the Publix brand), collagen peptides (linked HERE), cinnamon, honey, spoonful of sunbutter.

-On the road: Dunkin Donuts power breakfast sandwich or egg white scramble, Starbucks oatmeal.

Lunch options:

-Chopped Salad Kit Sweet Kale: already comes ready with toppings and salad dressing. I buy a rotisserie chicken, toss the shredded chicken in hot sauce, and top salad with chicken and 1/4 avocado. Taste like a buffalo chicken salad!

-Caprese salad: Arugula, mozzarella balls, tomatoes, olives, capers, red onion. Top with salt, pepper, 1/4 avocado, and balsamic vinegar.

-On the road: Chopped rotisserie chicken salad from Subway!


This is usually when I have my first cup of coffee and want a snack.

Snack options:

-Salt free rice cake topped with almond butter or sunbutter, honey, cinnamon.

-Salt free rice cake topped with 1/4 avocado, red pepper flakes, hot sauce, and lemon juice. Sometimes I will also add a sliced tomato and 1 boiled egg.

-I love rotisserie chicken so I will just eat some shredded chicken and a laughing cow cheese.

-1 Boiled egg

-Kind breakfast bars (peanut butter or peanut butter/dark chocolate chip)

-Fruit: watermelon, banana


Dinner options:

There are many options on my Instagram, but the majority of the time I eat a combination of "easy minute brown rice/quinoa", veggies, and 1 protein every night. It ends up tasting like a healthy fried rice! During the winter, I make a bunch of healthy soups in my crock pot or roasted squash and sweet potatoes.

-Combinations of easy healthy fried rice:

Veggies: I usually buy fresh veggies and cut them up myself (bell peppers, mushrooms, onion) or I ALWAYS have the asian medley steamed veggies and steamed broccoli in my freezer.

Protein: Rotisserie chicken, shrimp, or sesame ginger tofu. I season each with Flavor God seasonings, linked HERE).

Carbs: 1 cup of easy minute brown rice/quinoa. You just put the cup in the microwave for 1 minute and then combine it in the pan with the veggies and protein.

I always mix in a sauce, but usually only 1 tablespoon (low sodium soy sauce, low sodium teriyaki, sweet chili sauce). If the meal is getting boring to me, I top with 1 tsp of yum yum sauce. Yes, this is definitely not healthy, but one little tsp helps you feel like you are at a hibachi restaurant and so delicious.


I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, so I always have Dove dark chocolate in my apartment. I love the caramel and the almond. One little square of dark chocolate won't kill ya ;)

Sorry this is so long! Hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you follow me on Instagram (@rinnavatingtherunway) to keep up with my weekly meal prep recipes!


Alex Rinna

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