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The Dish Deal: Amazon Finds Under $20

Two Piece Set ($20) / Earrings ($10)

On Monday I got an amazing opportunity to be on The Dish on 6, which airs on ABC in Augusta, GA. The host, Ana Christina, has a segment on the show called, "The Dish Deal", where local brands, boutiques, and bloggers get to come on and share a recent deal they have found. When she first said "deal" to me, I automatically thought of Amazon. I wanted to share my favorite summer essentials I have purchased on AMAZON for UNDER $20. I always tell people, that my goal when I started my blog was to show everyone that fashion can be FUN without breaking your bank!

My segment was only 3 min and 30 sec, but it felt like 1 second. For people that don't me, I am very shy. Before, I was so scared that just 3 minutes was going to feel like a year once the camera started rolling. I guess because I LOVE fashion and feel confident about the topic, right when they said action, it went by so fast! I just felt so excited and calm, and I loved getting to talk about each item! I will say, getting my MBA prepared me for talking in front of people. I learned to practice, practice, practice. Notecards are my best friend. I will write out the main points that I want to cover, or facts I am having a hard time remembering, and I will just keep repeating it. Never assume that you will just be able to go with the flow during a presentation!...Trust me, it never ends well.

The episode airs on WJBF, The Dish on 6/28 (TODAY!!!) at 12:30pm, and again on Friday, 7/19. Tune in to see my 3 minutes of fame! They will upload the segment on the website (HERE) hopefully in the next week.

Just click the item below and it will take you directly to the website to shop!

All of the items above will have you set for a perfect beach vacation! Have a safe and fun 4th of July week.


Alex Rinna

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