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Christmas Gifts for the Gym Junkie

Workout set ($25, available in 6 colors)

Great Quality and on PRIME (link HERE)!

Welcome to my first gift guide this Christmas season! No, this "gift guide" isn't the typical gift guides that all of the bloggers are posting (I posted multiple last year). I realized those gift guides take hours to complete in photoshop AND you can only include a few gift ideas so you do not crowd the picture. My life has been CRAZY, so I felt like this was a faster route AND I could include a ton of gift ideas! Subscribe or check back soon, because I have multiple gift guide blog post coming soon!

If you don't know me well, I go to the gym 5 days a week. It is my "ME" time where I can relax and watch my BRAVO shows on my phone (Real Housewives, Below Deck, and Vanderpump Rules are my favs!). Even my work knows not to call me until 8:30am...I am grumpy until I am done working out LOL. Anyways, one of my motivational tips to get your booty to the gym is to dress cute! Some of my favorite workout brands are more expensive because buying a great pair of quality leggings is definitely worth it!...but, great news!! I recently found the workout set that I am wearing above for ONLY $25 and available in 6 colors! When I tried the leggings on I was shocked!! The material is thick (I hate thin leggings!!), stretchy, high-waisted, and not too long. They suck you in and they don't slide down when you run. I rated these leggings 5 stars because I was so impressed!

We all have that fitness junkie in our family,

so I am linking a ton of workout clothes and accessories below that I think they would love!

Just click the photo to shop!

P.S. I appreciate you using my links! Bloggers spend a lot of time creating gift guides during the holiday season, so it means a lot to us! Thank you!!


Alex Rinna

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