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Daily Supplements: Physician's Choice

Hey loves!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I thought during this crazy time, it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about my daily supplements that I take. It is more important now than ever to stay healthy and really focus on your well being! It was one of my goals for 2020 to take supplements every day! Some products I have been using for a year and others I just added to my routine, because I am trying to be more educated in which pills are the best for my body. Each morning I take apple cider vinegar gummies, Vitamin C pills, hair growth pills, fat burner gummies (before I eat), a multivitamin, and a probiotic and collagen, which I will talk more about below.

A one stop shop for all supplements is called Physician's Choice. This brand was actually referred to me from another friend, so I was really excited when they reached out to try their products. Some of their best sellers include collagen peptides, apple cider vinegar capsules (way better than taking the gross liquid!!), turmeric, sleep aid, and biotin! They also put a lot of work and research into each product, so I wasn't hesitant on what I was putting in my body! I know supplements can be scary when you have no clue on where to start, but this brand is definitely one you can trust and rely on!

Physician's Choice Supplements:

Women's Probiotic (shop here)

Benefits: Improves gut health and your digestive system. The digestive system actually has a HUGE role in your immune health, so it is important to incorporate a probiotic in your daily routine. Probiotics also help your body absorb nutrients and store energy! We all need energy these days, since a lot of people are stuck at home, watching Netflix, and eating snacks! These pills also contain D-mannose powder which helps with UTI's and it is 50x the strength of cranberries! I HATE cranberry juice, so to me, this is a major WIN in my book, since I don't ever have to drink it!

Collagen Pills (shop here)

Benefits: Collagen helps reduce cellulite and's a way cheaper option than botox!! Collagen increases skin elasticity by up to 30%, which means it helps your skin look tighter, smoother, and younger! You won't ever have to smooth out your skin on your photo editor again (LOL). I love this product because they are in a pill form. They suggest taking 5 capsules a day. If you don't like taking pills, they also have a collagen powder (shop here)! I travel every week for work, so the pills are way more convenient for me! In the past, I would use the collagen powder and mix it in my coffee, smoothies, and oatmeal! You can't taste it at all! Collagen also helps strengthen your nails. I always get asked how my nails are so long! I truly think these have helped my nails grow and stay strong. This would be great to have now since we can't go get our nails done! Collagen is definitely my #1 recommendation to add to your daily routine!!

Go check them out at and

please let me know what products you love!



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