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July 4th OOTD:Amazon

My bikini is from Target. I can't find it online,

but I just purchased it last week, so check your local Target!

Hey loves,

I hope everyone is staying safe and really enjoying your time with family during this uncertain time. First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by COVID. The world is hectic right now and going through a lot of change, but just keep leaning on God if you are feeling anxious, because he has a master plan that is way bigger than we can ever imagine!

July 4th weekend is right around the corner and I am sure some girls are probably scrambling for a cute outfit! I know a lot of plans have been canceled or changed, but I still wanted to give you plenty of options. I included outfits in case you are going out to eat or just feel like dressing up in your own house. Trust me, during quarantine I would randomly want to put on a full face of glam makeup and dress up nice to feel normal again LOL. I also linked a few comfy graphic tees and pj pants in case you are hanging out by the fire making smores or sitting back watching fireworks! Of course I had to include multiple bikinis! I live in Charleston, so we will be laying by the pool all day! The bathing suit I am wearing above is from Target, but I can't find it online. I just purchased it last week, so I would check your local Target!

You know when you go down a rabbit hole on Amazon and keep adding items to your shopping cart?...well that just happened to me, so I figured I would share some items I found below! Yes, EVERY ITEM BELOW IS ON AMAZON! I also made sure that everything will arrive BEFORE July 4th!

Just click the picture below and it will take you directly to the website to shop!


Alex Rinna

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